2 thoughts on “What kinds of communication, information, or publications would you be interested in receiving from SLAM or producing as a SLAM member?”

  1. I have a couple of ideas.
    I would like there to be a place on our site where SLAM members (and in fact all NCTE members) can check for upcoming conferences related to Media, Digital Culture, Literacies, and Technology as it relates to literacy education, rather than searching all over the web to find them.

    Also, sometimes I see calls for book chapters or special issues of journals on Facebook that I think others would be interested in knowing about. Usually, by the time I receive an email with a Call for Papers, the paper is due two weeks later, which doesn’t leave time to prepare anything of quality to submit. If we posted CFPs in one place, people could check regularly without having to wait to see if someone emails them or they happen across an announcement on FB.

    Third, as SLAM members give presentations or give keynote speeches, or publish articles or papers or conference proceedings, it would be nice to have a place for folks to check to see the latest in scholarship being disseminated in the field.

    We might also consider creating a space for sharing of teaching ideas, lesson plans, useful weblinks or relevant blogs/twitter feeds that connect with SLAM’s goals.

    In short, I would like our site to be a central go-to place for folks interested in SLAM topics.

  2. And, of course, I think we should seriously consider starting a scholarly journal as an outlet for sharing research and practice related to SLAM’s mission.

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