3 thoughts on “What should be the primary activities of SLAM in our first 2 years of development?”

    1. As a former chair of NCTE’s Assembly of Media Arts, I can offer some advice. SLAM should organize individuals to attend annual convention sessions and events that feed into the assembly’s mission. Those “assembly ambassadors” need to literally jump up at the end of a session/event and make a quick announcement about the assembly forming. Have cards or small handouts to distribute to attendees at those sessions that direct them to social media platforms which would provide more information. Blast as many tweets as possible reacting to sessions that SLAM ambassadors attend to attract attention to the existence of the assembly and the ability of attendees to get in on the ground floor of the assembly membership building campaign. SLAM ambassadors need to be as present and visible as possible throughout the convention. It was my experience that if convention attendees met the assembly leadership and influencers in person, they would be would likely to make a strong connection with the assembly and join the membership base.

      Place information on the assembly at The Screening Room event and lots of it. That is the only permanent, ongoing media event that has survived assemblies, collaboratives, etc. Best place to mine potential SLAM members.

      Best of luck!

    2. The personal touch is important. How about we divvy up the 2016 program and SLAM leadership make an effort to attend every session even remotely connected to literacies and multimedia. We talk with the speaker, hand them a card with the link to how to join, and really invite them into the club, so to speak…

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